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24 08, 2018

Finding God in Skepticism


Fr. Johannes Jacobse was "hostile" to faith. Pondering a world without meaning, his questions led him to Jesus Christ. He became an Orthodox priest and now, empathetic with those in despair, "pulls people out of the fire."

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24 08, 2018

Finding God in Ghana


Father Stephen Sakpaku shares his story of coming to faith and now serving people in rural African poverty. We met him at Acton University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we learn the theology of personhood, vocation and economic creativity.

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10 04, 2018

Finding God in Serving


Foster Friess, wise American philanthropist, often comes alongside suffering with cheer, kindness and solutions. “In my thirties, I wasn’t the neatest guy. God’s forgiveness not only gave me a new start in life, but a new life to start. We get to be His hands and feet.”  Foster is always learning and growing. [...]

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11 12, 2017

Finding Our Identity in God


At summer camp and later college, Jeff began to sense his true identity - found only in Christ. A lifelong athlete himself, Jeff Hansel now serves students in southeastern colleges with Athletes in Action. Blooper warning at end ;-)

Finding Our Identity in God2018-03-22T00:21:57-04:00
10 11, 2017

Finding God in Scripture & Inner Cities


Nancy and Stu Epperson, co-founders of Salem Communications, and now in their 80s, have found the secret to joy. Their idea of retirement? Encouraging younger people with the Word of God. Nancy has whole chapters of Scripture memorized and … be careful … it can be contagious!

Finding God in Scripture & Inner Cities2018-03-22T00:22:29-04:00