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29 04, 2020

Finding God in Israel!


Finding God in Israel Michelle Kullberg takes us along on her Finding God in Israel Passages trip, with the impressive Forge Leadership group of 20-somethings from Ohio. Michelle graduated from the Miami University of Ohio where she studied biology and nutrition. She is the youngest daughter of authors David and Kelly Kullberg [...]

Finding God in Israel!2020-05-12T08:54:28-04:00
29 04, 2020

Finding God in Serving!


Finding God in Serving! Foster Friess, a wise American philanthropist, is Finding God in coming alongside the suffering with cheer, kindness and solutions. “In my thirties, I wasn’t the neatest guy. God’s forgiveness not only gave me a new start in life, but a new life to start. We get to be [...]

Finding God in Serving!2020-04-29T11:44:34-04:00
1 04, 2020

Kelly Monroe Kullberg with Dr. Poh Lian Lim, on Disease, Suffering & Hope


Kelly Monroe Kullberg with Dr. Poh Lian Lim, on Disease, Suffering & Hope Trained at Harvard, Columbia and Tulane as an infectious disease and public health physician, Dr. Poh Lian Lim Yap, MD, MPH, worked the front-lines during the 2003 SARS outbreak in Singapore, and now the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Dr Lim [...]

Kelly Monroe Kullberg with Dr. Poh Lian Lim, on Disease, Suffering & Hope2020-04-06T18:04:36-04:00
19 03, 2020

Stephanie Estes


Finding My Identity in Christ Deeper than gender, “race” and other intersectional “identities,” Stephanie Estes rejoices in her true identity – in Jesus Christ. This identity, she shares, produces forgiveness, joy, community and new life. In an interview with Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Stephanie [...]

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13 09, 2018

A Faith Journey with frmr. U.S. Attorney General, Edwin Meese


In a time of escalating tensions with Communism and culture wars, President Reagan and AG Edwin Meese were know as leaders of strong faith, civility and courage. Here, General Meese shares with Kelly Kullberg his family's humble, Lutheran heritage and professional journey through Yale to the Department of Justice and Reagan White House. [...]

A Faith Journey with frmr. U.S. Attorney General, Edwin Meese2020-04-06T11:25:39-04:00
24 08, 2018

Finding God in Lithuania


Coming to faith in Christ through his father's death, Audris Narbutas hopes to help his nation recover from the dehumanizing influences of atheistic Communism. Love motivates Audris to speak up for faith, family and freedom ... for the whole person and society.

Finding God in Lithuania2018-08-24T00:42:22-04:00
24 08, 2018

Finding Hope in Venezuela


Seeking biblical wisdom for human flourishing, we met Enrique and Andres at Acton University in Michigan. Their hope is to help restore faith, justice and economic freedom in their beloved Venezuela.

Finding Hope in Venezuela2018-08-24T00:42:09-04:00